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I’m glad to know now that the man I married was a genuine fake – an impostor masquerading to be who he was not. A real cheat. Thanks to Kemman Consultancy for me to know the truth. I can move on – LCM.

It was annoying to discover that the Manager we had entrusted with responsibility, authority and power to monitor and supervise others was actually in a cahoot with low ranking staff to steal value from the Company. We did not suspect or expect such a scam until Kemman pryd open the fraud scheme which had been going on for long without our knowledge” – MD & CEO of an Insurance Company.

Key Attributes: Highly Skilled, Vast Knowledge, Sound Experience

Financial Crime Compliance – Training; Education; Awareness and Support to Institutions & Organizations

Financial Freedom Opportunities to Education, learning Major FOREX, Digital Currency Trading – Indexes

Areas of Support and Specialization

Banking Secrecy Act (BSA), Office of the Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Financial Intelligence Centre (FinCEN);

USA PATRIOT Act; Financial Crime Compliance (FCC); Anti-Money Laundering (AML); Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC)

Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF); Customer Due Diligence (CDD); Know Your Customer (KYC)

AML & Fraud Investigations; Crime Prevention and Risk Management; Governance and Control

Transactional Surveillance Monitoring Reports (TMR); Currency Transactional Reports (CTRs) – Thresholds and Filing

Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs); Regulatory Requirements, Enforcement and Compliance

Operational Risk Management, Assurance and Remediation

The amount of cash involved is enormous by any measure in any currency. The predicate offences and crimes which generate colossal sums of this money could be very unpleasant. Those who commit these heinous crimes can be uncouth, uncompromising, hard-hearted and very dangerous. Their wealth and connections mean that they are often more powerful and influential. Some crave into Political lime-light in order to insulate themselves, become “Untouchables” and protected by the “System” with “Honourable” worldly titles.

Publicized financial crimes committed by “Outsiders”, third parties and “Enemies Within” have negatively impacted the reputations, brands and images of many organizations. Given the alluded to shortcomings, all Financial Institutions and FINTECH Companies and their members of staff need to continue on the never-ending path of “Lessons Learnt”, have deeper understanding of the emerging threats, trends, modus operandi, concepts, theories, typologies of money laundering, terrorism financing, bribery, corruption and various operations of criminal organizations in order to avoid falling victims to various scams and schemes.

The fight against all forms of financial crimes is like running a race with no finishing line. All organizations are implored to continuously devise effective and plausible remedial measures resulting in tighter controls being adopted thereby thwarting financial crimes. This is where KEMMAN comes in to support you and your organization.

If managerial accountability and transparency are embodied in all Functions, Departments and Line of Businesses, coupled with the right tone at the top, implementation of corporate governance would be easier. There would be reduction of criminal activities which inevitably bring about lack of investor confidence, capital flight, closures of companies and industries which consequently create untold misery for already helpless citizenry who will have little to do apart from engaging in criminal activities. It is time to break that cycle. There is no honor in financial crime.

Punishment of offenders and recoveries of stolen funds are so rare that prevention is the only viable course of action. Feasible and plausible preventative measures are much cheaper and far less painful than post-financial crime investigations and litigations. It is better to drain the swamps than to fight the alligators. Let’s play our part. KEMMAN is here to support you. 

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