The birth and Origins of St, Clement’s Old Boys Association (SCOBA)


This is the vivid re-collection of the momentous occasion in the history of our beloved and most envied St, Clement’ s Old Boys Association (SCOBA). This is the genesis. In the early morning of a Saturday cold winter month of June 1988, some Senior citizens residing in Lusaka gathered at the University of Zambia Main Campus along Great East Road. Venue was the then New Educational Lecture Theatre 1 (NELT1) located within the School of Humanities. Time was 09.00hrs and the Purpose was the burning desire to consolidate the initial ideas, collate the input from key stake holders, crystallise and actualise the formation of an association with a common purpose. On that day of 25th June 1988, the pregnant cloud of passion and vision gave birth to the formation of St, Clements Old boys Association (SCOBA).

That group of people, representing many others and other generations to come hence made a life time commitment by the following acclamation; “We, the Former Students of St, Clement’s Secondary School situated in Mansa District of the Luapula Province of the Republic of Zambia, having solemnly resolved to constitute ourselves into an Association desirous of promoting a sense of togetherness amongst ourselves on the one hand and the pupils enrolled at the School (St Clement’s Secondary School in Mansa ) on the other; keen to help in collaboration with the school administration and authorities to maintain the high level of academic standards for which the School is known for and contribute to the welfare of the pupils there” adopted the constitution and agreed the name of the Association shall be ST CLEMENT’S OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION (SCOBA).

Ever since, the OBJECTIVES have been and will inevitably continue to be

(a)        To bring together all St Clement’s Secondary School Old Boys for the purpose of promoting and fostering the spirit of togetherness and provide a forum for networking.

(b)        To supplement the efforts of the Government and or the school authorities whenever possible for the betterment of the school.

(c)        To promote and enable access to sharing and dissemination of information, ideas, experiences and resources among SCOBA members;

(d)       To do all things necessary and incidental to, as well as any other activities not inconsistent with, these objectives.

Present on that one cold morning among them were the following;

1.      Hon. Clever M. Musumali ( Late Zambian High Court Judge – as Chairman)

2.      Mr. N. Kataya was Secretary

3.      Mr. C.T. Lukangaba was Treasurer

4.      Mr. G. Mayondi was Vice Secretary

5.      Dr. Kalombo Mwansa – UNZA Law Lecturer, later to become Permanent Secretary – Home Affairs, Hon. Minister Home Affairs, and Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence in the MMD Government. Now Dean of the School of Law at Lusaka Open University and Legal Consultant.

6.      Mr. Xavier F. Chungu – Later to become Director General of the ZSIS and Business Consultant based in Lusaka

7.      Faustine Kabwe – Later to become shareholder in several Businesses in the USA and Zambia

8.      Mr. Samuel Musonda – Later to become ZANACO London Branch Manager and Managing Director of the said Bank.

9.      Mr. Chriticles P. Mwansa – UNZA Student who later became Director of World Customs Organisation, ZRA Commissioner and later Commissioner  General, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Science Vocational and Technical Education and now Revenue Authority Advisor to the Government in Sierra Leon

10.  Mr. Moses Nkandu – UNZA Student who later became scientist, Banker, Accountant – ACCA & CIMA, Tax Advisor, ZRA Deputy Commissioner/Director and President of SCOBA

11.  Mr. Henry Chisha – who was one of the high ranking Zambia Police Commissioners in the Zambia Police Service having served in various portfolios. Now Retired.

12.  Mr. Daniel Mumba – UNZA Student who later worked for Export Board of Zambia, Zambia Development Agency as a Deputy Director, Travelled the globe extensively, did his Masters Degree and PHD in the USA and Canada respectively. Dr. Mumba is a Lecturer in Canada

13.  Mr. Ackims Kapekele Musonda – UNZA student who later worked for Zambian Parliament up to the Post of Chief Editor – Parliament Drafts

14.  Mr. Adolf Musonda – UNZA Agricultural Science Student who later worked at   Kawambwa Tea Company in Kawambwa and later formed his own company based Lusaka. The Company is co-owned with another SCOBA – Mr. Jeff Kalembe

15.  Mr. Patrick Maipose – UNZA Engineering Student who later worked for Caltex and now shareholder of a Petroleum Company based in Botswana

16.  Mr. Kennedy Mwelwa Mulenga – UNZA Student who later worked with Chontamalinga in Lusaka before migrating to Los Angeles in the USA where he and the wife are running businesses and working for a Global Logistics Company as a Consultant.

17.  Mr. Mwenya Patrick Musonda – UNZA Student who later went to Poland to study IT and Computers. Came back to set up his business before migrating to Botswana where he worked and later set up his own IT and Computer Business Consultancy work and married a Motswana lady.

18.  Mr. Edward Chungu – UNZA student who later became a Senior Banker with ZANACO in Lusaka and the current SCOBA Treasurer.

19.  Mr. Caristo Chitamfya – UNZA Student who later worked for ZNBC TV as Head of Programs, briefly at Red Cross/Red Crescent, for Eco Bank and now at the Zambia Tourism Board.

20.  Mr. Linus Chanda – UNZA Engineering Student who later worked for Kariba North Bank in Siavonga for many years, had a 7 year contractual assignment in Jinja in Uganda before National duties called him back to take up position as Director in Charge of Generations at ZESCO based in Lusaka.

21.  Mr. Kawesha Edward Chipampe – UNZA Engineering Student who later worked for ZESCO in Luapula based in Mansa and later Ndola on World Bank Project before relocating to Windhoek in Namibia where he is working.

22.  Mr. Charles Mukamba Mukuka – UNZA Engineering Student who worked for ZESCO in IT and later as a Project Manager involved in the construction of itezhi tezhi dam.

23.  Mr. Gregory Muyeye Mululuma – UNZA VET student who was later to work as first and only Veterinary Doctor in ZRA, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Mazabuka and Lusaka. Now running the Livestock Project in the show ground under MAFF.

24.  Kunda Emmanuel Kalaba – UNZA student who later worked for ACC, Barclays Africa, Chemonics International/USAID, Standard Chartered Bank in Several African Countries, Europe and now based in Asia.

25.  Dr. Emmanuel Pensulo – BENG Lecturer who consulted and constructed the power sub-station on Great North Road between Serenje and Tuta Turn – off at a place named after him by the locals who fondly call at ati pa “PENSULO” sub Station.

26.  Mr. Bernard Mwansa Nchindila – UNZA Student who later became a professional Teacher at Lake Road, had assignments in the UK and now PHD holder. Dr. Nchindila is an academician, researcher and Lecturer at UNISA based in Pretoria RSA. A distinguished Professor based in South Africa

27.  Mr. Mwape Donald Kasanda – UNZA student who was to later work as Trained Teacher in Ndola, District Commissioner for Mufulira and Kitwe for 12 years and now Deputy Director of HRA under the Ministry of Spot, Youth and Child Development and pursuing his dream to become a Lawyer

28.  Mr. Peter Chishimba Mulenga – UNZA Student who later became a Secondary School Teacher in Luapula Province, before becoming Deputy and now Principal for Mansa Teachers Training College next to St, Clements.

29.  Mr. Phillip Chate Mbolela – UNZA Student who later became a Mansa based Businessman and Commercial Livestock and Fish Farmer.

30.  Luckson Kayombo – UNZA Student who later became a Teacher in Zambia and now based in Swaziland with Mr. Michael Simulala.

The meeting attracted key stake holders from across a spectrum of various sectors of the Zambian Society with different professional backgrounds and pursuing diverse academic faculties. The only common denominator which brought all of their insatiable desire to uplift the welfare of the St, Clement’s Secondary School.

One amazing and conspicuous fact about this meeting was the commitment of Senior citizens who had to wake up very early over the weekend and the decision to arrive and assemble at UNZA by 09.00hrs on a cold morning of June 1988 (before the global warming phenomenon came in, this part of the earth used to be very cold and rains almost always started on time i.e. 24th October every year) is but one great lesson of vision, selfless sacrifice by the founding fathers of SCOBA. Let us all learn to keep and financially support the vision these founding Fathers of SCOBA had. It is important, cardinal and paramount that we give an unflinching support to the School in whichever way we all collectively can.

“Even in years of serenity, memories are for those who keep them”. You can imagine that some 27 years later (same number of Years late President Nelson Madiba Mandela spent in Prison at the Robben Island and RSA Mainland) after SCOBA held its Second General meeting in Lusaka, Chaired by the late High Court Judge Hon. Clever Musumali, the Minutes of that meeting have been faithfully kept intact by the author of this article.

It is during that meeting in which SCOBA Executive Committee was “EMPOWERED” to co-opt any members of the SCOBA by acclamation. The SCOBA constitution which we have now updated was drafted shortly after the meeting in 1988.

One most important and cardinal action point and way forward of this ground breaking meeting was a firm resolution by SCOBA to assist our beloved school which gave most of us a strong foundation of personalities and good character to be very useful Citizens of the World. This sample collection of fine brains and minds met the specific responsibilities of drawing up a SCOBA constitution, rules of engagement and registering the Association with the Registrar of Societies.

As SCOBAS are no doubt fully aware, “we have successfully put together a Constitution, registered the Association, we have delivered our mandate in full, and we can only thank and congratulate ourselves for the excellent work done. In normal Associations similar to ours, all the above should be “Honoured” with at least life “HONOURALY” membership of the SCOBA for being pioneers and Founding Fathers of SCOBA. It is not too late to ask or consider.

This is the best way we can honour and say excellent and or job well done for your selfless sacrifice and unflinching support for the great vision and commitment coupled with hard work which ensured that the desired result of formation or creation of SCOBA is established and flourishes in its operations. I just thought of putting the record straight for the new generation and generations to come.

It is our ardent hope and prayer that one day, some younger Generation and upcoming SCOBAs would be more involved, passionate and committed to the course and vision and do great wonders to this School more than what we have done so far given the limited resources availed by few committed SCOBAs . That would be fundamental and adequate reward for our work if in the future, the Younger generation will pick up and continue to “aspire to inspire before we all expire”. It will be better than adequate if all our collective actions can assist to motivate the current crop of pupils and all those who passed through until one day the President of the Republic of Zambia would proudly announce that he passed through that great School. It sounds farfetched but it is doable. We have had number 3, 4 and 5 in the Land. We want a number 1. May Jehovah God Almighty Bless all SCOBAs wherever they are in corners of this Earth.

Kunda Katwishi Kalaba ( SCOBA – Form 5 in 1985)

Published by Kemman

Regulatory and Independent Consulting Professional with expertise in Financial Crime Risk Compliance encompassing Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Countering Terrorism Financing (CTF), Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABC – FCPA & UKAB), Global Trade & Sanctions, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Internal Audit Testing, Reviews, Validation, Risk Assessment. Worked in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America (USA). Banking & FinTech, Anti-Sex & Human Trafficking Advocate, FOREX & Cryptocurrency trading, Travel & Tours, Telecommunications & Energy.

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