We aspire to inspire before we expire



The Headmaster, the Deputy Headmaster, the Senior Teachers, the Class, and the Subject Teachers, the Prefects, the Class Monitors and all students at this historical Kale Combined School, members of the Community present, Parents, invited guests, ladies, and gentlemen. All protocols observed.

We, the former Kale Combined School Students, Parents, and the community at large have noted that this School was opened in 1963, a year before Zambia’s Political Independence in 1964. We have looked around and it is evident that the School infrastructure is dilapidated.  

• Pupils have no enough desks and the majority have to sit on the floor while learning, writing notes, assessments and test examinations • Classrooms including blackboards have cracks and the original coats of paint have been peeling off both inside and the outside walls.

• Teacher’s Staffroom has no furniture or drawers to ensure school work or student assignments are secured. • Broken windows and unfitted windows are constantly exposing school children to heat, cold, wind, and rain making the environment unconducive for learning.

Kale Combined School requires both Government and Community interventions and the much-needed support.

The Former Students of Kale Combined School Efforts and Action Plan

We have realized that the School really needs help from our community, and the community wants to change the small part of our big world for the better. We the former Kale School Students (now among us, parents) made a collective choice and resolve to assist our former school in our own small way. At a short notice to all our Community members, we mobilized ourselves and contributed our time and funds totaling K9,250-00 to design the New School Logo, encourage, motivate and award best-performing students and those who performed well in various subjects in ALL classes from Grade 1 to Grade12 with Certificates and monetary value given to each deserving student. The good intentions are and we hope that the Excellence Award for best-performing Students will now be an annual award-giving ceremony going forward starting this 2021 and beyond. We pray and hope that students will be more encouraged and motivated to work even harder.

Starting next month in January 2021, we will also embark on the fundraising campaign so that, God willing,  we can assist in securing the tins of paint and buy some desks for the school classes. We, therefore, make our Ernest Appeal to the Community within the Subchief Kale – from Kwa Chisamba/Chimengwa to Kabalika, From Kwa Mutukeni, to Kwa Andele, Kumushipashi, ku ma Plots and all surrounding areas to come on board, partner with us, work together with us and support the School by improving our Children’s education and learning environment.

Our desires are to engage the ex-students, teachers, and the local community to volunteer their time, skills, and talent to give a fresh coat of paint to the plaque and the classrooms and transport desks from Mansa to the School when that time comes. In this vein, we will be appealing to all members of the community for a donation of any amount, no matter how small. That will be greatly appreciated, that will make a big difference, and will surely impact positively the future of the school-going children. Community Efforts, kindness, and willingness to support us to do our part to change the world of the school-going children who walk miles to and from school only to go and sit on the floor during class sessions will greatly be appreciated.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. We have started with this one step of awarding and encouraging students to remain focused, determined, resolute, resilient, and have the tenacity to learn. Together, we can do more.  We know and believe strongly that the importance of Supporting Education and conducive Learning Classroom Environment is critical in that we hope to contribute to creating a bright future for the Students and in surrounding local rural communities, and through the trickle-down effect of educated human capital thereby creating responsible citizens and enlightened future generations.

 To ALL Parents and Guardians – Our belief and Convictions

We all believe in the motto and mission of Kale School which reads; “Mwileka Mbe Uwafye”.  Let us all remember that “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men and women.” You can’t simply tell your kids what to do—you must lead by example. And that example has to be a good example. Strong children with morals will inevitably become strong and upright adults. Let us all not delegate our parenting responsibilities to the teachers. We need to help and support our teachers by ensuring that we impart good manners to our own children, we censure and discipline them when they go astray and off the rails. We praise them when they do good things and make us proud. Let us encourage them to concentrate at school, learn and get an education. Do not be in the forefront of receiving lobola, insalamo, impango, bride price for your girl child and push them into early marriages. 

Remember that the principal goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.” —Jean Piaget. A good education can be empowering. When you’re prepared with knowledge, values, and skills, you’re ready to carve a path forward in your own life and career. Plus, you are more confident about your ability to confront complex issues and lift up those around you.

We again thank all our colleagues and parents for their good work by giving back the little resources in any way possible, sacrificing their time to help with the maintenance of the school and building the welfare of our pupils and our community, and more so to motivate them to work extra hard. We thank you all!

To you OUR Dear Teachers,

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” —Malcolm X said. Educating the next generation helps fight back against ignorance. It helps students learn about the community at large and develop informed and educated opinions on world issues, we can support each other and make decisions that help establish a positive change in our communities. As Teachers, you very well know that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Quality education can transform a kid at school into an innovative leader in the workplace and community at large.

Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. The good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates and the great teacher inspires. Your fingerprints don’t fade from the many lives you touch. Although the learning process can seem slow and trivial at times, students take the lessons you teach them well beyond the school door. The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see. It’s not just about giving students all the answers. A superior teacher will help each child in their classroom cultivate a lifelong desire to learn and build the skills to find their own answers out in the world.

We still remember ALL the great Teachers who taught us at this school. We are all products of the great teachers from this historical school. We owe you an incalculable debt of gratitude to you all Teachers – past and present teachers and your families for the great efforts and for your great sacrifices and positive impacts in our communities as you help provide our learners with a bright future through the work you do best – teaching and educating. Your work speaks volumes. It is for these reasons we wish to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Kale combined school management and the entire teaching staff for the marvelous work you continue to perform of imparting knowledge and shaping the future by giving exceptional and professional leadership, mentoring, and coaching the students. The excellent performance exhibited by the many students is a clear testimony to your great efforts. 

We understand the hardship you all go through but with the love you have for work and the learners you stand firm and execute your duties diligently. For that, we sincerely say thank you, and may the good Lord bless you all the more.  

To ALL the Students

You should always remember that All these Teachers will only open the door for you, but it is up to each and every one of you individually to enter on your own. The beautiful thing about learning and education is that no one can take it away from you. Pursue Education with passion. It is the long-term and best investment you can ever have. The time and effort you put in, the courage you have to move through challenges, and perseverance will all keep paying off for the rest of your life.

 Although getting an education at Kale Combined School sometimes may involve cramming historical facts and information into your brain, we need to remind you that critical thinking is more about opening your mind than filling it. “What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning.” —Chuck Grassley

“Amano yaba mwi buku”. The content of a book holds the power of education and it is with this power that you can shape your future and change your lives. Trust me, a good education can be empowering. When you’re prepared with knowledge, values, and skills, you’re ready to carve a path forward in your own life and career. Plus, you are more confident about your ability to confront complex issues and lift up those around you – your immediate and extended families.

We are thrilled in our hearts as we congratulate you all for your good deeds and excellent performance. We are looking forward to and expect more excellence in all your academic endeavors and pursuit. For the world was built to develop character and we must learn that the setbacks and grievances which we endure help us in our marching forward and onwards. We encourage you all to desist from social vices such as absenteeism, late coming, dogging school, going out of bounds, dagger smoking, drug, and alcohol abuse, leaving school for early marriages as it impinges one’s life, education, and social progress.  

To those who have received the awards today, we greatly commend you as well-deserving students. Excellent and Well done! To all other students, there is always next time. Let these awards serve as motivation and great encouragement for you to work even extra harder. Please, Remain focused, resilient, have tenacity, determination, and hardworking. Your eyes should be on the goal of your life. The world has always been accommodating and will create space for all those who aim for the moon! Even if you don’t reach there, you will be among the bright stars shining for us to see, to provide light and direction to your younger ones and the generation to come.

May Jehovah God Almighty Heavenly Father bless you all bless all the people of Kale.

We sincerely THANK YOU!

Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year – 2022!

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