Paying Glowing Tribute to the HeadMaster

Thursday, 23rd December 2021 – Mansa, Zambia – Paying glowing tribute, honoring and thanking the Great Man – Mr. Romanos K. Chibale – Form 1 Student, Prefect, Head Boy, Subject and Class Teacher, Senior Teacher, Deputy Head Master, and HeadMaster at the same St, Clement’s Secondary School in MANSA.

Umuntu ku mutasha ilyo achili no bumi. We need to learn, appreciate and thank fellow human beings for great things in our lives while they are still alive.

Mr. Romanos K Chibale went to and attended St, Clement’s Secondary School in Mansa in Luapula Province of Zambia from Form 1 to Form 5 during the 1970s. During his time at school, apart from his love for sports, he was also a class monitor, became a Prefect and the Head Boy (Head Prefect) at the same school.

Upon completion of his College Studies, Mr. R. K. Chibale went back to teach at St, Clement’s Secondary School as a subject and class teacher. Because of his leadership skills, he was promoted to become the Senior Teacher, the Deputy Headmaster, and eventually the Head Master of St, Clement’s Secondary School in the 1980s.

Aba ni ba real St, Clement’s Old Boys Association (SCOBA) inkonko, abakamamo na menshi! No one has beaten this record to date. A lot of us who were privileged to have been or passed through this School, and were under his tutelage will attest to many varying stories of his mode and style of teaching, mentoring, coaching, molding, administration, and shaping the destiny of many of his students, many of whom went on to excel in life in various disciplines and callings within and outside Zambia.

Now that many of us have grown up, we have come to appreciate that Mr. Chibale was merely grooming and molding personality, character, good conduct, honesty, sincerity, dedication, discipline, commitment, integrity, and other beatitudes which are all societal ingredients for responsible citizens exhibiting exemplary behaviors and conduct in real-life situations wherever our life paths have taken us in this global village. He gave us a great and solid foundation.

We also realize later in life especially after Secondary school that Teachers serve the Nation as a moral compass that activates the magnet of curiosity, knowledge, discipline, focus, wisdom in the students like you did to us, Sir. Without your relentless efforts of censuring those who loved to go out of bounds, we wouldn’t have been what we are today.

During those days of corporal punishment (we still joke about it) great teachers never tried to be the best teachers. You simply brought out the best in us, your students. We want you to know this. We owe you an incalculable debt of gratitude and we want to thank you publicly for inspiring, caring, listening, guiding, and shaping our future. Many of the students who passed through under your hand will find it difficult if not impossible to forget for making a positive impact in the lives of many whom through your actions, then, you gave wings to soar.

Recognizing the pivotal role Mr. Romanos Chibale played in many facets of our lives, we who are still alive, and the SCOBA Dudes (many are grandparents now) who left St, Clement’s Secondary School (Grade 12“M” and Grade 12”S” of 1985) came together, brainstormed, put a few resources together and on Thursday 23rd December 2021, at Teja Lodge in Mansa, gave a “small Gift”, a small token of appreciation as our symbolic modest way of saying “Thank You, Sir, For Everything”.

1. Kunda Emmanuel Katwishi Kalaba (KEKK)

2. Chisha Kanchule Chibela (Hagade)

3. Dennis Kamanda (Papa – Head boy – 1985)

4. Eng. Charles Mukamba Mukuka – Prefect

5. Eng. Linus Chanda – Prefect

6. Eng. Edward Chipampe Kawesha

7. Eng. Christopher Phiri

8. Dr. Gregory Muyeye Mululuma (Master Gee)

9. Kalusha Pattis Chile Mwaba (KaPaChiMwa)

10. Pastor Victor Chifita Makungu (Ninja I lovmy Dad)

11. Mande Mwenda

12. Peter Mulenga Chishimba (Principal)

13. Oswald Shimolo14. Portipher Phiri

15. Rev. Wo3 Kelvin Kasompe Mule (Kashif)

16. Michael Kaluba Shimulala

17. Ackim Musenge Katontoka (Baggins)

18. Donald Mwape Kasanda

19. Mwala Rupert Chibwe

20. Greenwell Mwaba Kunguleni – Prefect

21. Peter Kasongo (Pumps Champs – Mt Climbers)

22. Mwansa Kasongo Peter (Food Captain)

23. Ackim Musonda

24. Edward Shitumbanuma

25. Mwimba Makesa

26. Evaristo Mwansa Bwalya (Winter Best – Prefect)

What a great teacher like Mr. Romanos K. Chibale writes on the blackboard of life for his Students can never be erased. It has left an indelible positive mark in our individual lives. A great teacher like Mr. Chibale is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others. You are one of those candles that gave us that much-needed light in our lives.

Thank you very much Sir once again and May God bless you all the more.

With humility in our hearts – From ALL SCOBA DUDES of 1985

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