The seemingly never ending lamentations of the African People

For how long will the Africa people endure? When will there be light at the end of the tunnel? Some historical perspectives may just assist in reconciling with the past and hopefully inspire many to rectify the wrongs and be fired up to do the right thing for humanity’s sake.

In some Southern African Countries, words and Names such as ukumanama, Ukuchuula, Ukupenga, Nadpenga, Ukuyoyota, Ukuyoyomba, Ukukatala, Mapenzi, Mateso, Mapesho, Mabvuto, Nabvutika, Masuzyo symbolises lamentations of problems and challenges in life. And the African people have had their unfair share of problems in their life history.

The Arab Slave Trade – Prophet Muhammad died in or around 632. In 650, the holy book Qur’an (Koran), was codified. In 652, slavery as an organized venture in Africa began in Darfur, where the Sudanese leader at the time was compelled to make a payment of several hundred African slaves per year to the Arab invaders. African slaves were used for agriculture, labor, household help, or to be concubines or soldiers.

The Arab Muslim slave trade also known as the trans-Saharan trade or Eastern slave trade is billed as the longest, having happened for more than 1,300 years while taking millions of Africans away from their continent to work in foreign land in the most inhumane conditions. Franco-Senegalese author and anthropologist Tidiane N’Diaye published his research and book titled “The Veiled Genocide”. He attributed the tag line to the most humiliating and near-death experience slaves were subjected to, from capture in slave markets to labour fields abroad and the harrowing journey in between. The number of slaves captured from Africa in the Trans Sahara trade are estimated at about nine (9) million. That is almost the entire current population of Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Burundi put together and taken away.

The Eastern slave trade in Africa was predominantly concentrated in the East and West African regions. In East Africa the coastal region was the preferred route and Tanzania’s archipelago of Zanzibar became a hub for this trade. Enterprising Arab merchants and middlemen would gather in Zanzibar for raw materials including cloves and ivory. They would then buy black slaves who they would use to carry the raw materials and also work in their plantations abroad. Slaves from as far as Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia would be availed at the Zanzibar market and shipped through the Indian Ocean to the Persian Gulf or Arabic Peninsula where they worked in Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The retribution should not be restricted or confined towards the Western Countries. Topic for another day.

While European merchants were interested in strongly built young men as labourers in their farms, the Arab merchants were more focused on concubinage capturing women and girls who were turned into sex slaves while living in harems. Male slaves would work as field workers or guards at the harems. To ensure that they never reproduced in case they got intimate with their fellow female slaves, the men and boys were castrated (Eish, ouch, I feel the pain in the groins already). Men and boys were made eunuchs in a brutal operation against their will and majority would lose their lives in the process. “The practice of castration on black male slaves in the most inhumane manner, altered an entire generation as these men could not reproduce. The Arab masters sired children with the black female slaves. This devastation by the men saw those who survived committing suicide. This development explains the modern black Arabs who are still trapped by history,” – Liberty Mukomo, a lecturer at the University of Nairobi Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies.

Even as Europe, one of the key players in the African slave trade abolished the practice hundreds of years ago and the United States officially ended it in 1865, Arab countries continued the trade with majority ending it late in the 20th century. In Malawi, slavery was officially criminalized in 2007 with mentions of some Arab countries currently being involved albeit clandestinely.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade – While the Portuguese (from 1441) are usually cited as being the first to engage in the transatlantic slave trade, most major European maritime empires participated including Spain (from 1479); Great Britain (from 1562), North America (from 1619); Holland (from 1625); France (from 1642); Sweden (from 1647); and Denmark (from 1697). Sweden and Denmark, even you Scandinavian Countries? Seriously? For real? sure? And you have kept quite. The silence is too loud over this issue.

Over the years, global focus and discourse on slavery has concentrated on the Trans-Atlantic trade that featured the Americas and European merchants. Between 1441 to 1888 the transatlantic slave trade initiated a forced migration of approximately 12 million people from the Continent of Africa to European colonies in the Caribbean Islands, in Central and South America, and in North America. These early trade patterns evolved into a larger system of trade often times referred to as the “triangular trade” referring to the three legs of the trade system. The first leg was from Europe to Africa where goods were exchanged for slaves. The second or middle leg of the trade was the transportation of slaves to the Americas. The third leg of the trade was the transportation of goods from the Americas back to Europe. The most representative of the systematic and brutal exchange of human being was the “Middle Passage”, the second leg of the triangular trade in which thousands of Africans were forced into the hulls and storage of ships for the nightmarish voyage to the “New World.” Many are aware that the slaves were kept under inhuman conditions including being branded with hot irons and restrained with chains or shackles. Very Sad. Who does that to a fellow human being? The area had little or no ventilation (CAN’T Breathe type of suffocation) and negligible resources for the removal of human waste. According to the slave Equiano, “The closeness of the place, and the heat of the climate, added to the number in the ship, which was so crowded that each had scarcely room to turn himself, almost suffocated us. This produced copious perspirations, so that the air soon became unfit for respiration, from a variety of loathsome smells, and brought on a sickness among the slaves, of which many died. “(quoted in Africans in America, Part 1).

Others were thrown overboard in the Ocean either dead or alive. Nowhere in the annals of history has a people experienced such a long and traumatic ordeal as Africans during the Atlantic Slave Trade. Over the nearly four centuries of the slave trade, which continued until the end of the Civil War in America, millions of African men, women, and children were savagely torn from their homeland, herded onto ships, and dispersed all over the so-called New World. It is guesstimated that between thirty and sixty million Africans were subjected to this horrendous triangular trade system and only one third of those people survived.

In 1862, Abraham Lincoln issued a preliminary emancipation proclamation, and on January 1, 1863, he made it official that “slaves within any State, or designated part of a State…in rebellion,…shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free.” Though the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t officially end all slavery in America, that happened with the passage of the 13th Amendment after the Civil War’s end in 1865. Some 186,000 black soldiers joined the Union Army, and about 38,000 lost their lives. Black Africans have been sacrificing their lives for long.

Scramble for Africa – End Slavery and intensify colonialism by scrambling for Africa. The Berlin Conference occurred primarily due to Germany’s entry into the colonial sphere. Previously, Britain, France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal had largely occupied the African continent without conflict amongst themselves. European Countries were already in Africa exploiting Natural and Human resources including Slave Trade.

Germany’s rise to power made the other European leaders nervous and eager to establish ground rules. So, in 1884, the Berlin Conference was convened to discuss African colonization, with the aim of setting up international guidelines for making claims to African land to avoid conflict between European powers. The Berlin Conference was a series of meetings held in 1884 and 1885 with the goal of dividing the continent of Africa between the European powers. As countries scrambled to establish colonies on the continent, the heads of state wanted to head off any potential conflicts between them over the African territory which was not theirs. Among the rules created by the Berlin Conference were the establishment of a free trade zone in the Congo, the requirement that a country had to occupy and administer its colonies instead of simply claiming land in absentia and the requirement that a country must notify the other signatories before establishing a coastal colony in Africa. The conference gave no consideration to the self-determination of the African people, but it did include a token amendment to ban slavery in Africa in an attempt to legitimize the conference and gain public support.

As a direct result of the Berlin Conference, the colonization of Africa increased in speed and scope. By 1902, approximately 90 percent of the continent was under direct European control. Scramble for Africa. Another sad episode for the African Race. Missionaries had also arrived in Africa and said nothing or little against Colonialism or against Slavery earlier on in their own Countries.

Colonialism in Africa – The policy of a country seeking to extend or retain its authority over other people or territories, generally with the aim of economic dominance. In the process of colonization, colonizers may impose their religion, economics, and other cultural practices on indigenous peoples which Europeans did. The policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically. Equally a very bad practice of domination, which involves the subjugation of one people to another, installing a settlement of its people on foreign land, establishes political control over the other land for economic benefits of the more powerful country.

In practice, a country conquers and rules over other regions, exploiting the resources of the conquered country for the benefit of the conqueror, establishing territorial dominion over a colony by an outside political power.

Apartheid – As if that is not enough for the Africans, apartheid creeps in. Boers. Racial segregation had long existed in white minority-governed South Africa, but the practice was extended under the government led by the National Party (1948–1994), and the party named its racial segregation policies apartheid in Afrikaans: “Apartness”. Yet another dark era. Nelson Mandela and de Klerk led efforts to negotiate an end to apartheid, which resulted in the 1994 multiracial general election in which Mandela led the African National Congress (ANC) to victory and became president after his 27 solid years of Incarceration. Robben Island. Tesana. Not Things!

Neocolonialism – The control of less-developed countries by developed countries through indirect means. This is widely used to refer to a form of global power in which transnational corporations and global and multilateral institutions combine to perpetuate colonial forms of exploitation of developing countries. Neocolonialism has been broadly understood as that which enables capitalist powers (both nations and corporations) to dominate subject nations through the operations of international capitalism rather than by means of direct rule. The use of economic, political, cultural, or other pressures to control or influence other countries, especially former dependencies. That practice of using capitalism, globalization, cultural imperialism, and conditional aid to influence a developing country instead of the previous colonial methods of direct military control or indirect political control.

What next for Africa? – Imperialism – The policy or action by which one country forcefully gains and keeps control of another country or territory. Most often, countries use military means to gain economic and political control in other countries. There is a scramble for Military Bases by the “Big Boys” on the African Continent. And they are now dotted everywhere in Africa. Africa Freedom Day – “is coming tomorrow” from a Song in SARAFINA – South African Movie featuring Caryn Elaine Johnson, known professionally as Whoopi Goldberg. 1960 was proclaimed “The Year of Africa”. On May 25, 1963, 31 African leaders convened a summit meeting to found the Organization of African Unity (OAU). They renamed Africa Freedom Day as “African Liberation Day” and changed its date to May 25. Thirty-eight (38) years after its formation, the OAU evolved into the African Union (AU) on May 25, 2001. Africa Day continues to be celebrated both in Africa and around the world.

Not forgetting the heinous atrocities, crimes against humanity committed from 1885 to 1908 in the Congo Free State (today the Democratic Republic of the Congo) which, at the time, was a colony under the personal rule of King Leopold II of the Belgians. These atrocities were particularly associated with the labour policies used to collect natural rubber for export. Together with epidemic disease, famine, and a falling birth rate caused by these disruptions, the atrocities contributed to a sharp decline in the Congolese population. The magnitude of the population fall over the period is disputed, with modern estimates ranging from 10 million to 15 million deaths.

With the recent unfolding events, Africans have been crying for a long time. The Grand Creator will one day graciously hear the cries and lamentations of his own Children – the Black Africans and many of African descendants – IT IS A MATTER OF WHEN, NOT IF. Stay Safe and be blessed.

Snake Oil, Ponzi Schemes and Crypto Scams

With great computer-generated graphics and fancy websites, online companies would claim to be the most Trusted Digital/Crypto Currency and Forex Trading Platforms purporting to have most advanced  proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, systems capable of assisting their professional and crop of omni-directional expert traders  to wisely use your money, invest and trade and make abnormal profits on your behalf.

Impostors masquerading as business gurus, they with their sweet talk, will lure and entice unsuspecting people into believing that those companies are able to generate and provide between 2 to 50% passive Return On Investments (ROI) along with an eye-catching affiliate program ranging between 5% to 25%. Online Referral materials, codes and referral links will be provided for Peer to Peer (P2P) and online marketing, advertisement and desirable social networking platforms.  People are encouraged to “make a deposit and sit back while our experts do the work” and “let our professionals help you choose an investment plan that meets your needs”.  The promise of passive income, profits, bonuses, equity and shares in companies is the order of the day.

They claim that their main business is Cryptocurrency and Forex trading with future expansion across various sectors without mentioning or specifying them and when. Their so-called engineers, financial experts and self-learning bots will design accurate trading plans to meet customer profit requirements every day. “You are able to earn money without leaving your home, and what’s more, without making any risky decisions claiming to have developed a system that guarantees constant passive income in several investment plans”. Claiming to be located in Big Cities like London, New York, with a workforce “with great experience and trading skills in all international markets, using professional, advanced tools that are not available to average users “because the profit is guaranteed for investors”. Blockchain and allegedly transparent and audited smart contracts are peddled to would be investors. The sweet nothing stories without any product or service offered by these online companies except “recruiting other people to join with their own money” continue like that.

Unfortunately, a lot of people from all the continents have been duped and continue to be duped in that manner. They have cried and others still continue to cry. I personally know several people who reached out to the Bank, borrowed USD $60,000.00 equivalent and “invested” in these cryptocurrency scams and never recovered any cent. Sadly, the loan repayment continues for the next 5 years.

As I went out jogging in the neighborhood today, I thought of “Snake Oil” and Charles Ponzi Schemes in one sentence.  Not a great feeling. I decided to share this with you.

Ponzi and Pyramid schemes

        Dr. Joseph T. Wells’ Encyclopedia of Fraud, Third Edition aptly describes the characteristics of a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme is an illegal business practice in which a new investor’s money is used to make payments to earlier investors.

        In accounting terms, money paid to Ponzi investors, described as income, is actually a distribution of capital. Instead of returning profits, the Ponzi schemer is spending cash reserves, all to raise more funds. Where a basic investment scam raises money and disappears, the Ponzi scheme stays in business by circulating investor funds.

There are usually little, cryptocurrency, trading, IPO, FOREX trading or no legitimate investments are taking place. Promoters used most of the funds for expensive lifestyles and transferred into property or offshore accounts. Schemes typically run for at least a year, although some Ponzis have flourished for a decade or more.

       The Better Business Bureau has labeled Ponzi-style financial rings “the biggest single fraud threat confronting American investors.” Highly publicized nationwide booms in real estate (the 1980s) and the stock market (1990s) gave rise to an epidemic of investment fraud. Every one of the top frauds cited by the North American Securities Administrators (including Internet and other high-tech scams, telemarketing, and abusive sales practices) has been run as a Ponzi scheme. According to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), scammers pitching phony securities cost United States investors between $10 and $15 billion a year. This is more than a million dollars an hour. Many of these scams use the Ponzi method – paying off a few early investors with other investors’ money under the guise of stirring up business. Telemarketing boiler rooms, whose frauds cost an estimated $40 billion a year, often run Ponzi schemes. 

      The Encyclopedia of Fraud details the “The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the SEC are the U.S.’s two major enforcement organizations that target Ponzi schemes. Federal jurisdiction privileges allow FTC and SEC agents to pursue scams across state borders. For example, an operation may be incorporated in Florida, sell most of its products in Louisiana and bank its profits in Tennessee. Prosecuting has to encompass each venue and relate local activities to the larger scheme.

       “The SEC files about 500 complaints a year against unscrupulous investment promoters, and 25% of those are Ponzi schemes. However, the largest number of Ponzi scheme complaints are filed on the state level by state authorities, including attorneys general and state-level regulatory agencies. The FTC shuts down about ten pyramid schemes every year and takes action of one form or another against dozens of bogus investment opportunities. While the SEC can pursue civil and criminal complaints, the FTC’s powers are limited to civil remedies, usually an injunction and a financial judgment for investor losses.” 

      “A Ponzi scheme and an illegal pyramid scheme both use new investors’ money to pay earlier investors. The difference between the two lies in the way each scheme is promoted. Illegal pyramids generate revenue by continually recruiting new members. The promoters may offer merchandise or services for sale—or may not—but the only significant revenues come from recruitment. Though a pyramid-style compensation plan is not illegal, it is illegal to run a business in which recruiting new people generate all of the funds.” . The notorious so called uplines and downlines, referral links by fake leaders

In his book Frankensteins of Fraud, Wells writes the history of Charles Ponzi and how his scheme became a well-known, remarkably enduring fraud of modern times. “Known as the Father of the Ponzi scheme, Charles Ponzi, or Carlo Ponzi, was born in 1882 in Parma, Italy. He came from a family of hoteliers and was sent to Rome for a university education. But a string of gambling debts and criminal charges for theft and forgery cut short his schooling and prompted his family to send him to America. At the age of 19, he arrived at Boston Harbor. In his self-published autobiography, The Rise of Mr. Ponzi, he claimed that he had only $2.50 with which to begin his new life. He had left with $200 in cash from his family but lost the greater part by gambling with some of his shipmates.”

        After working odd jobs, Ponzi was employed as a bank clerk in Montreal, where he began handling international wire transfers. Ponzi began stealing immediately, was arrested and served time before eventually making his way back to Boston. There his plan took shape, as Wells explains:

“Ponzi hatched what would become known as the Ponzi scheme in December 1919. A coalition of international postal services had begun selling postal reply coupons after World War I ended. Each coupon was good for one stamp in any of the affiliated countries; this allowed the mail services to continue operations smoothly despite the instability of most European currencies at the time. Ponzi reasoned that he could persuade investors to capitalize on the fluctuating currency prices by using the postal reply coupons in a series of exchanges.”

        Instead of making legitimate trades, Ponzi “used money from his latest round of investors to pay those who had purchased his ‘securities’ earlier. By convincing people to reinvest their funds, he was able to postpone his financial obligations even longer.” Wells writes that newspaper reports in 1920 exposed Ponzi’s scheme, and despite his claims of innocence, “a federal audit confirmed his operation was bankrupt, owing perhaps $4 million or more to investors.”

         Wells describes the rest of Ponzi’s life as one of a fugitive and swindler. “After his arraignment, Ponzi jumped bail and fled to Florida, where he sold swampland as an investment property. He and his wife Rose were both arrested in Jacksonville in 1924 and charged with fraud. The charges against his wife were dismissed, but Ponzi was ordered to stand trial. However, an errant judge, not realizing he had one of the country’s most infamous swindlers before him, allowed Ponzi to post bail. He fled on a ship bound for Genoa, Italy. Authorities later apprehended him when the ship docked in Houston, Texas. Ponzi was convicted in federal court in 1925 and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. After serving three years, he was turned over to the Massachusetts judicial system, which sentenced him to seven more years.

          “Though he fought the deportation charges against him, Ponzi was forced to return to Italy in 1934. Frederico Mussolini, who was eager to hear how his countryman had wreaked such havoc in the American financial system, received him warmly. His family connections eventually won him an appointment as the business manager to an Italian airline headquartered in Rio de Janeiro. He lost the position when it was discovered that the airline was being used to smuggle diamonds, strategic materials, and spy communications to the Fascist regime. Ponzi was innocent, later expressing his consternation that he had not been recruited into the effort.

        “Sometime in the 1940’s he paid a small press in Brooklyn, New York to print his autobiography, The Rise of Mr. Ponzi. Extant copies are available at the University of Texas and the Library of Congress, but the book was never reprinted. Charles Ponzi died penniless in a charity ward outside of Rio in 1949.”

       No doubt Charles Ponzi’s story casts a long shadow on fraud. People still remember the name “Bernard Madoff” in the USA. As investigators sorted through the financial mess that resulted from Madoff’s massive fraud, Ratley shared some advice for fraud examiners working to sniff out the next Ponzi scheme:

“Never judge the suspected fraudster by your own standards,” Ratley said. “They will do things that would appear absurd to the trained professional. If you think, ‘they wouldn’t do that,’ get that thought out of your mind. It’s your job to investigate, verify and confirm all of the facts where fraud is involved.”

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To all our business partners and colleagues, become aware that we ALL need to protect our Hard-Earned money from Online Scammers, impostors masquerading as proving best Investment Platforms with their suspicious Investment platforms and fancy looking but deceitful  websites. Before you invest in any platform, kindly carryout your own thorough due diligence. If you are unable to, please get in touch with us, we will be able to assist you in reviewing the so-called investment company and check a lot of other salient details. For now, be aware of the following; Beware! Beware!! beware!!!


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62. Seawest, 63. Stock trade exchange 64. RailCycler 65. DIEM, 66. and other CRYPTO AIRDROP BOTS .

You may wish to ADD more and share your personal experiences.  Many Thanks and kind regards. Stay SAFE and be blessed.

Dream Houses and Retirement Homes

When a Couple in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s decide to build a dream house and or retirement home, my advise would be just go ahead and build for yourselves what you two (2) desire. Do not overcomplicate matters by thinking of or accommodating your children and grandchildren in your plans allocating one room to each of your children. It should be very clear in your mind and future plans that you are not building for the children in mind as an investment for their future and security. In real life, things do not happen like that.

Think of it from this perspective. When we were growing up in the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s, those big houses we used to see and admire in our towns and cities, mine towns and other Low Densiy areas in Provincial and State Capitals, used to look great in design, fashionable, big and spacious. From the year 2000 and beyond, new architectural designs of houses have been exhibited and mushroomed with beautiful roofing designs, with big beautiful alluminiun windows incorporating open spaces for the kitchen and dinning areas. Lounge and sitting rooms have evolved. Walking wardrobes and closets, garages, laundry rooms and verandas/corridors have all shifted our perspectives of beautiful houses making those ancient houses look like artifacts.

The best investment one can make or undertake for the children is financial sacrifice and give them great Education. Good education and exposure to enable the Children to think strategically on their own, with the ability to make sound judgment and better decisions. They will be able to decide on their own what type of life they would want to lead and live, where they want to live. They indeed will have their own capacity, ability and financial capability to decide and build or buy a 3D Printed House of their own liking/design and taste, colors, location, town, city on this surface of the Earth. They will have their own free will to decide whether buying/building a house will be necessary or they will be global trotting, moving from one city to another, one state to another, or one country o another.

To them and the younger generation, the value of your “dream house/retirement home” at some rural farm area may not be their life story and trajectory. We know of some high ranking CEO/MD who built a very big mansion. At one time in life, all his children were abroad studying at various Universities in Europe and United States. Upon graduation and from thereon, they led their own lives in different cities. Only he and wife and a dozen workers remained bored in the house. With plenty of whiskey and wine bottles in the bar section of the house. So it was with one former Central Governor of an African Country who also built a huge house, only to be sold and turned into an Embassy.

Think again and just plan for your own house where you and your spouse may age together. Remember, the design of the houses built more than 25 years ago may no be appealing now to you or to your own children. Worse with grandchildren. Once your children are sufficiently educated, well travelled and graciously exposed they will surely become very busy with their own lives and their own children and the life’s demanding routine with their own partners. You will be lonely in that very big farm house you once thought each child should have his/her own room dedicated to them. It will be costly to maintain in terms of security and farm workers in your old age. And for God’s sake, do not design and build an upstair house/one storey house with the main bedroom on the first floor of the house. The ligaments in your knees and legs will not be user friendly to you in old age.

You will be pleading for your own children to visit you and if you are lucky, they may visit you once in 5 years. Even other relatives and your former dependents will forsake or abandon you. Visiting you will only be done at long intervals. Let us be honest and real here. When did you undertake a Vacation/holiday trip to go with your own family members, spouse and children together to visit your own parents or in laws and stay with them for 5 days continuously? If you can’t do that consistently now, what makes you think your own children and their children will do that in future with the modern technology? Their great excuse will be phone calls once in a while, Video calls and zoom calls, Face chats will be the order of the day.

With all the other factors above and some not covered in this article, once you die, your own children may decide to just sell your so called dream house, share the money, blow it up or build the 3D printed apartment in a communal gated neighborhood where there is communal security and other facilities like landscaping and garbage collection.

Just enjoy your genuinely hard earned money. Empower your Children. Educate your Children sufficiently for them to come and decide what type of life they would want to live, how, where, they would want to live. They will lease, rent or build their own beautiful houses if they so desire. They may decide to migrate to Mars in future. That is up to hem. What is certain is that your dream house in that rural area, small town or farming community may no be where your children might want to spend the rest of their lives. They will have a FREE will to choose, design and 3D Print their own house. Just ensure they are sufficiently educated. Stay safe and be blessed. Enjoy your money.

D.AI.SY Cryptocurrency Token On DEFI Platform

D.AI.SY (Decentralized Artificial Intelligence System) Project is launching its own CRYPTO currency known as the DAISY TOKEN on the DAISY DEFI (Decentralized Finance) which is the DAISY Launching Platform on 10th/11th/12th of June 2021 (within 3 weeks).


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“Per Diem” is the Next Big Thing in 2021

There are currently over 10,000 Cryptocurrencies in the World. The Beautiful Ones are not YET Born. Some though, are coming soon and with a bang.

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Cryptocurrencies, Risk Averse and Calculated Risk Undertaking

In 2016, two colleagues, who are now my personal friends working the Banking Industry then approached me and were willing to share the knowledge pertaining to cryptocurrencies. They offered to show me for free how they were able to “deal in cryptocurrencies”, make profits and use the same profits to pay for their day to day bills and obligations.

The Zamundaland and Wakanda risk averse instincts implanted in me by societal background expectations and upbringing in Africa intuitively urged me to start giving lame excuses, “silently reject”, or politely decline the offer of the skill sets, experience and knowledge required to succeed.

That inner voice which whispers and strongly urges everyone not to venture into the world of the unknown, telling you to stay put in your comfort zone and not to take the uncalculated risks lest you lose and become a laughing stock among clan members, family and friends. That inner voice became very strong and passively instructed the entire me to dismiss the “fake-like science fiction stories” of how people can make money using digital currencies (the unseen and the untouchable money – how do I even explain to my grandparents born in in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s of what type of money that is).

Like many of our generation, the first reaction was…”if it is true they are making the money, why can’t they just make money “silently” and enjoy it themselves instead of wasting their time and energy telling others and disclosing the secret formulae of success?’. That African mentality of “if you are making money, do not tell others how you are making money, keep quite and make money alone and in peace”.

The next thought with many of us hailing from Africa has always been, “show me the money”, ” where is the money you have made so far and how much money have you made so far”. This could explain the reason why “NETWORK Online Marketing” has taken long to take off on the African Continent. Other Countries have to wait for Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and other risk takers like Zimbabwe to be bruised first or succeed before other Central African Countries can join the fray, the frenzy and excitement of joining the new trends. It is a wait and see mentality.

As Zambians, we are used to see people who have made money, buy new and expensive shoes, clothes, buy new vehicles and build bigger houses. We are yet to come with terms to appreciate the Warren Buffet stories of same old vehicle and same old house. We question why someone would make so much money and yet does not spend it, show it off only to donate to Foundations and Charity in far flung areas as a Philanthropist. Indeed that is the African mind mainly from Wakanda and Zamundaland.

Now, listen, there are currently over 10,000 Cryptocurrencies in the World. And some more are coming. We need to take keen interest and leverage how we can also make money like many others are doing globally on all Continents. Never be too shy, too lazy and too old to learn new things.

Companies like Facebook, Libra, Diem Association has come up with the DIEM and will be officially launched in less than 10 days from now. 10 days ago, the 1 Diem was equal to $50 cents. Today, 10 days to go before the launch, 1 DIEM is equal to $8.8 and it is still going up. I wish I had bought $200 worth of DIEMS on 1st of May/2021 or late last month. Not too late to buy as the price is still going up. the other day came up with its own Token known as the Peron Security “S” Token. came up with its own Cryptocurrency token this week known as RailWay (AIL) built on top of the TRON Platform.

The Akoin cryptocurrency , created by famous singer and philanthropist Akon – whose real name is Alioune Badara Thiam – building a futuristic $6billion Akon City in Senegal, which he calls a “real life Wakanda” was launched in Kenya recently. Africa has an AFRO Cryptocurrency by a Switzerland based NGO. It surely needs needs a lot of polishing-up. The ODUWA Coin (OWC) co-founded by Mr. Bright Enabulele was being introduced as a Pan-African Digital Currency by ADDI Founder/CEO of H.E. Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao this 2021. Buy the ODUWA and hold for a while.

We ALL need to realize and perhaps greatly appreciate that the meteoric increase in the value of BITCOIN (hovering around $60,000 per 1 Bitcoin as of 05/10/2021 has positioned cryptocurrencies at the forefront of investors’ attention. We all wish we bought even 1 bitcoin in 2012.

We Africans from Wakanda and Zamundaland can no longer just ignore this new normal and sit on our laurels. We just need to embrace the Digital currencies, stand up and be counted. Bitcoin is currently the largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of $1trn. Although Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency, there are currently over 10,000-plus cryptocurrencies in use. Interestingly, there are several digital currencies which have outperformed returns on Bitcoin. For example, Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of more than $300bn, has increased by 750% since 2020, surpassing Bitcoin’s 600% gain. Ethereum (ETH): This digital token was launched in July 2015 at a trading price close to $2. It has risen more than 130,000%. ETH is currently trading at a price of $4,000 as of 05/10/2021 making it one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency’s long-term momentum remains bullish. The Dogecoin, (Bana IMBWA) the meme crypto linked to an image of a Japanese breed of a Shiba Inu Dog has surged 14,000% in 2021. Jokingly called the “DOGE-Father”.

Let us ALL embrace this new knowledge and take keen interest in the cryptocurrency, how you can buy, how to store, how to trade, how you can swap, hold, sell cryptocurrency and make profits. Tuleishiba UTUNTU. There are three (3) Free Investment and Business Opportunities I would like to share with you. Yes You, Mr. Doubting Thomas’ and Mrs. DoubtFires, these are FREE. Jump on them and earn while you learn. You would not like to let this opportunity pass you like it it did for me on BITCOIN 7 and 5 years ago. You will surely thank me later in 2022.

  1. There is the FREE PI,
  2. There is the FREE ARGENTAS
  3. There is the FREE Initiative Q which is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system and its own currency, the Q.

Stay Safe and be blessed. KEKK888

The Beautiful Ones (Cryptocurrencies) are not Yet Born

Creation of New Cryptocurrency. Other beautiful ones are already born. Just look out for them. Know how to.

Ethereum – ETH

There are currently over 10,000 Cryptocurrencies in the World. And some more are coming.

Companies like Facebook, Libra, Diem Association has come up with DIEM and will be officially launched in less than 5 days from now. the other day came up with its own Token known as the Petron Security “S” Token. came up with its own Cryptocurrency token this week known as RailWay (AIL) built on top of the TRON Platform. There is FREE PI, FREE   Initiative Q and the FREE Argentas on their way.  

The Akoin cryptocurrency , created by famous singer and philanthropist Akon – whose real name is Alioune Badara Thiam – building a futuristic $6billion Akon City in Senegal, which he calls a “real life Wakanda”.

Africa has an AFRO Cryptocurrency by a Switzerland based NGO which needs a lot of poshing-up. The ODUWA Coin (OWC) co-founded by Mr. Bright Enabulele was being introduced as a Pan-African Digital Currency by ADDI Founder/CEO of H.E. Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao this 2021.

The meteoric increase in the value of BITCOIN (hovering around $60k per 1 Bitcoin as of 05/10/2021 has positioned cryptocurrencies at the forefront of investors’ attention. We Africans from Wakanda and Zamundaland can no longer just ignore this new normal. We just need to embrace the Digital currencies, stand up and be counted. Bitcoin is currently the largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of $1trn. Although Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency, there are currently over 10,000-plus cryptocurrencies in use.

Interestingly, there are several digital currencies which have outperformed returns on Bitcoin. For example, Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of more than $300bn, has increased by 750% since 2020, surpassing Bitcoin’s 600% gain. Ethereum (ETH): This digital token was launched in July 2015 at a trading price close to $2. It has risen more than 129,900%. ETH is currently trading at a price of $4,000-00 as of 05/10/2021 making it one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency’s long-term momentum remains bullish.

The Dogecoin, (Bana IMBWA) the meme crypto linked to an image of a Japanese breed of a  Shiba Inu Dog has surged 14,000% in 2021. Jokingly called the “DOGE-Father”. You can trade in, buy, hold, sell cryptocurrency and make profits. Muleishiba UTUNTU. We just have to take keen interest in the Cryptocurrencies and be part of the game, know how the digital currency works, appreciate value, invest and know how to make some profits out of the Trillion Industry. KEKK888.  

FinTech and Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunities

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”— Benjamin Franklin.
This is 2021! Learn the new skill sets pertaining to ALL of the above. Make extra money on your own using your own Smart Gadgets – Gizmos. These so-called SMART Phones are just DULL & STUPID Phones if they are only used to receive calls to remind you of the BILLS and the DEBT you OWE companies and other people. Make extra money on your own using your own account, digital wallet on your own Phone, iPad, tablet or laptop. Use your Smart Phone Smartly and STOP blowing bundles on useless SOCIAL media Gossip, Politics, or chain emails and unproductive videos. Phones only become SMARTPHONES when they HAVE vital APPS like KLEVER Wallet APPS that can make your money work for you while you are asleep or at the BEACH. Learn new skill sets. Venture and explore. Let us start.

  1. Create and register a free account on Binance Binance (
  2. Download the KLEVER Wallet – a multi-crypto wallet to swap your cryptos and make transactions quickly and easily. Download now: (Code: W3S3IB)
  3. There are opportunities like these, where YOU DO NOT have Pay anything. I’m not asking you to pay any money. I’m just inviting you to this opportunity with the potential for you to earn money. Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of payment cards that were designed in the 1950s. The system uses its own currency, the Q, and to get people to start using the system once it’s ready they are allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now. Signing up is free and they only ask for your name and an email address. There’s nothing to lose but if this payment system becomes a world leading payment method your Qs can be worth a lot. Just like me, if you missed getting Bitcoin seven years ago, you wouldn’t want to miss this. Here is my invite link. Register for free here:
  4. You have heard of Cryptocurrency Mining? You CAN now Do it for Free on your Mobile Phone. Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (Kemman1) as your invitation code. Minepi (
  5. If you want to invest in a Financial Technology (FinTech) company specializing in Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading with Offices in the UK, USA and Hong Kong which also accepts Bitcoin or Ethereum as payment, then Invest in the BIXOTRADE. Minimum of USD100. Use this referral link below. ‘’
  6. If you want to invest in a FINLAND Registered Company (minimum USD100) invest in
    MERITAPARTNERSLTD for 15days. Click the link below, learn and register
  7. If you want to invest a minimum of $100 in a UK registered Company, use this link
  8. For everyone interested in the ENERGY Sector (OIL and Gas) Investment opportunity in a Company based in USA and Middle East you may please use this link
  9. If you wish to Invest in Equity/Shares in a FINTECH company called ENDOTECH based in ISRAEL you can are free to explore the profits and incentives using this link.
  10. If you want to Learn how to personally do FOREX and Crypto currency Trading on your own Mobile Phone, register online and directly join using website link below https://iM.Academy/KEMMAN. Directly to Join https://iM.Academy/corp/cjoin?enroller=KEMMAN
  11. Rail Cycler is a platform where you can earn $350 from one position which costs $5. Explore and register here.
  12. Coop5050 is the rewarding peer-to-peer crowdfunding system. Learn and Register if you are interested.
    In most of these business and investment opportunities I have shared, if you start with $100, you will earn $300 in the 90 day/3-month contract. That is the minimum. WITHDRAWALS can be made daily, weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly on your profits earned while initial deposit remains in the contract you selected. Here, you will learn how to build generational wealth. We will share positive ideas and teach you how to have your money work for you instead of you working for your money. It is time to implement the Robert Kiyosaki’s (Poor Dad Rich Dad) Investment formula. If you think you are TOO old for this, please share with your children, nephews, nieces and the younger at Heart. Cryptocurrency is not the FUTURE of Money. The Future is here, now with us.
    This 2021 should be a year of great opportunities and prosperity for all those determined, affable, focused and resilient enough with positive attitude towards financial freedom.
    Stay Safe and Be Blessed.

Kunda Emmanuel Katwishi Kalaba (KEKK)

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