Simmering with Rage has a financial cost

We have heard of Road Rages. What with morning rush hour traffic Jams, Domestic Violence, Spouse Battery or Streets fights by Political Cadres all point to someone being very angry. Question is when you personally get angry do you simmer slowly or do you jump right to the point of boiling over, pull out theContinue reading “Simmering with Rage has a financial cost”

The Generational Gap is widening

The Generational Gap of value systems between Parents and Children is not not only widening but worrying. The African Concept and methodology of correcting and control (ukukontolola), “teaching lessons” (ukufunda) and raising “disciplined and obedient Children” has a slightly different connotation from other Western Cultures. The African version is slowly waning away. African Children areContinue reading “The Generational Gap is widening”

The Happy FATHERs “SUN-Day”

22 June 2020: 06/21/2020 – Deep reflections on the FATHER’s “SUN”Day. Morning “Online” Prayers and I go out jogging. Hot and Humid in the Sunshine State of Florida, but a man has to do what a man has to do. I come back home and take a cold shower. After breakfast; and upon checking myContinue reading “The Happy FATHERs “SUN-Day””