How our Journey Began

Kemman provides consulting services to customers across the financial institution spectrum including FinTech in areas such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorism Financing, BSA, Sanctions, Anti-Corruption & bribery, bank fraud Investigations

Kemman – What We Do

We are Professional Consultants in Financial Crimes Risk Compliance such as AML/CTF, ABC, Economic/Trade Sanctions, KYC/CDD, Fraudulent Transactions and Investigations. Amazing affordable prices. Treat yourself and see our offers.

Discover Unlimited Offers

Meet different professional staff, from different backgrounds, with the sole purpose of bringing quality service at your door step. Share your needs and wants, we will take care of the rest.

Current and Upcoming Events and Projects

From AML, CTF, CDD, KYC, Sanctions, ABC, Fraud, we will actively engage with our clients to exceed the Regulatory Requirements.

What People Say

“We engaged Kemman on the AML look-back project on Alerts, Cases and SARs and they took care of everything. We managed to beat the Regulatory deadlines. Thanks for the high quality work”.

Simon James

Special Deals and First-time Engagements

Get in Touch with the Clients Engagement Director and discuss the Scope of work (SOW) and Time Frame. We will surely exceed your expectations.

AML/CTF Basic Training

New beginners and Orientation Training

CTR & SAR Report Training

Great Investigations Story Writing

Fraud, Bribery & Corruption

How Financial Crimes impact profits

Exclusive Offer

Get 20% Off Your First Trip

Who doesn’t like a discount? Book with us your first trip today and receive an exclusive offer.

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